3-2-1 It’s the weekend and we got some levels for ya!

From our most recent Theme-A-Week #321, these are some of our faves. And if you tear through those and still want more, check out our other Theme-A-Weeks, HLWN (Halloween), CRES (Crescendo), 1SL (One screen level), and ESC (Escape) – it’s becoming a pretty cool collection.

And if you’re just getting started creating, try designing around one of these themes. The Theme-A-Weeks just start on a particular day but never end and we play every single one. Alright, back to shaping… talk soon! Here are the levels


3= 2+1 321 by Jool2306

42+1  Things by TheBeejAbides

321 Party please! by Nitrious

321 Let’s go by gasssst

waltz 321 by Tomo-delta

Tree to Won 321 by Earl_LeeGrave

Shrinkrhapsody by pikathon


And of course Daftbomb’s instructionally baked level for the new Theme-A-Week… GRAVITY #GRAV.